The Story of

The Bold Kind.

sans the boring bits.

About Us

After starting her first business in 2007, Taylor Hooks realized the power of leveraging her background in graphic and web design to develop a strong brand that people recognize and resonate with.

We founded The Bold Kind to help other bold, risk-taking entrepreneurs and small businesses wanting to scale, and bring their big vision to life!

No cookie-cutter, bland, or vanilla personality around here! Nothing against vanilla, but it belongs in dessert – not your brand.

This has allowed us to take the vision and mission businesses around the US and develop a brand, personality & message that resonates with their customers.

Ultimately we are creating impact, community, fans and dolla-dolla bills! Yes Please!

Our Values

Authenticity: For Humans, By Humans

With each project, our number one goal is to embody & develop the personality and voice of your unique business. You won’t find any lame “corporate jargon” here. Hard pass!

No Bull: Real Results

Let’s face it, the internet is ripe with “marketing & branding gurus” who promise the stars and deliver you sweaty socks instead. We don’t compromise on quality and real results – no gimmicks, no fakes, no BS.

Respect: You, Our Coworkers, & Vendors

We believe the best products and results are created with a collaborative effort. When we have mutual respect for all of our partners That’s where the magic happens, baby. 

Our Values

Our Philosophy.

Your small business in-house marketing team – for hire. Our goal is to understand your business needs, goals, personality, and vision on a deeper level. 







Step 1.

Eye of the Tiger

All of our projects begin with learning all about your business, goals, & vision.

Step 2.

Thrill of the Fight

Time to get ish done! We take your vision and execute a digital marketing strategy to win over the hearts of your audience & put money in the bank.

Step 3.

Risin’ Up to The Challenge

With everything that we do, we hope to go above and beyond for our clients.

What can we help you with?

Social Media


Web Design