The Story of

The Bold Kind.

sans the boring bits.

We are here to serve the businesses that dare to take risks, lead with kindness, and bold enough to believe they can truly make a difference.
Over the years, we noticed brilliant business owners struggle to keep up with their digital marketing.

Instead of focusing on revenue-generating and business growth activities – they were spinning their wheels becoming digital marketers.


Does this look like you?
  • Upkeeping Your Website
  • + Creating Content
  • + Engaging with your audience
  • + Learning about the latest platforms
  • + scrolling & comparing
  • + Learning Graphic Design or Photography
  • + Wishing there was an easier way
This can be overwhelming at lead to:
  • getting overwhelmed Ignoring Everything and focusing on other activities.
And the cycle continues until you drive yourself mad or…
Find Help!

Do it the Bold Kind Way.


Develop a brand with the look and feel that represents who your ideal customers are now and who they desire to be.
Reinforce your brand in all of your content from your social media channels & website and beyond.



Create resonance by being yourself, sharing your vision, and creating real relationships online.
Develop those relationships to the point of investment in you, your product, and your vision. 
We want your customers to be ALL IN on your vision.


Looking for a little clarity?

Book a 60-min platform audit & mini strategy!


Reach more ideal customers with a killer brand, website, and social media strategy.


Our Process

Our Process

We’re gonna be Honest…

Our process isn’t about 1 million followers in 7 days.


It’s about real sustainable growth, building a brand with staying power, and cultivating an audience who actually cares.

Step 1

Eye of the tiger

We get clear about where you desire to go and what you need your brand to be to help you get there. 

Step 2

The thrill of the fight

Don’t just wing it. Get a marketing and brand strategy that is designed to meet your business goals.

Step 3

Rising up to the challenge

We are ready for the challenge by implementing our strategy and measuring the results.

Hey there!

Hey There!

Meet the Founder

I’m Taylor and I am the owner and Marketer in Chief at The Bold Kind Branding & Media.

From a young age, you could find me creating on the computer. I got my first copy of Adobe Photoshop in 1999 and taught myself to code shortly after that.

What started off as a hobby, quickly grew into a valuable skill as I was able to lend my knowledge of design, branding, and websites to help local small businesses.

Now I am able to use my design knowledge and business know-how to help businesses bring their big mission & vision to more people who need what you have to offer.

We are inspired by visionary and innovative businesses who dare to dream, live boldly, and refuse to let doubt and fear dictate their success.

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