So, you’ve taken the messy action, your business is up and rolling, you set up Facebook and Instagram and you might be unsure on the next step to take. 

I hear online entrepreneurs and women building their brand say they are not ready to create a website. They are not sure where to even begin when they decide they need a site. What company should they host with? Should I hire help or DIY? etc. etc. They think it is too complex for them to figure out, or their business isn’t big enough.

Well, I’m here to tell you, babe, those questions and fears are figure-out-able, so what is holding you back from taking your brand to the next level with a professional site. Here are 5 definitive reasons your personal brand or business needs a website ASAP.

Build Your Email List!

I realize you’ve most likely heard this before, and if not I’m telling you here. You need to be building your email list. Like yesterday. An email list is the only place where you ‘own’ your tribe. If the algorithm on Instagram or Facebook changes tomorrow how would you reach your customers? 

A website is a fantastic and easy way to build the list! With opt-ins in strategic places on your site, you can get emails while providing even better value to your followers. Where is the downside?!

If you’re still not convinced you need an email list, just know, emails produce a much higher conversion than any other platform — put that in your mason jar and drink it.

The hub of everything you do

You open the front door of your home and what do you see? The different rooms, family photos, your favorite couch from West Elm – you get the picture.

Your website is the front door to your business, the nerve center for all you offer and the person you are to your tribe. It’s where the various parts of your business and brand, like the bio, blog and services, converge into one tidy package for your followers. So, snag a URL and host and claim your spot on the interwebz.

[Insert Opt-In]

Build Brand Recognition

While your website is the hub that represents the different rooms in the home, your personal brand and professional website is like the home decor in that house. 

I’m confident if I were to walk into your house I would instantly recognize your personal taste. The same goes for your website when a person visits your site. When one of your dream clients lands on your corner of the web, they should feel as if the website is speaking to who they are, or what they want. It should also portray something about you and who you are. This should be synergistic bliss. They should be able to look around you’re home and say “Yes, I like this girl she’s got the same Anthropologie coasters as me and she’s a badass.” 

I am a firm believer you should develop your brand early on, earlier the better. Yes, there will be tweaks to your brand as your business changes and pivots.

Establishing a cohesive and authentic voice with your website copy or blog and having a clear visual presence early in your business will propel your business towards your ideal client much faster than a confused brand. Finding the right vibe may take time if you are doing it by yourself, but with the number of resources that are out there, it is possible.


Make yourself stand out by becoming more searchable.

One of the best avenues for people to find your business is through search engines like Google and Pinterest. A professional website allows it to index you on these search engines which can lead to more eyes on you.

Blog posts and other content on your website increases the number of words and searchable content such as blog posts or services, even images, this is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is its own world and there are brands that devote some serious bucks for SEO specialists. but what I love about the Divi WordPress sites I build is how easy and user-friendly SEO is with plug-ins like Yeost.

More content (More, More! – Samantha James)

Content is king, We hear this message repeated from every successful online entrepreneur or personal brand. When the biggest personal brands out there when asked what the key to their success is, they say consistency and content.

The more content the better, right? It is how you speak to your ideal clients. And what better place to host your content than your very own on-brand, professional website which 100% represents you and the business you’ve built than with a tailor-made, bold and branded website.

Yes, there are exceptions to the rules, and I’m sure there are those people who build bad-ass businesses without investing in their website.

 I want you to consider:

 Would it make it easier to build your business? Is it worth my time to continue to work the systems and finagle my way around without a branded website? What is the return on investment? 

I am telling you; I see it time and time again. It is worth the investment. You are worth it. You deserve your space on the internet to build the business of your dream whether you are a photographer or life coach and all the in-between.

If you are unsure of where to start, I filmed a free video course on all you need to set up your domain and website!