Social Media Services

Social Media & Brand Consulting

Our no-nonsense, BS-free social media and digital marketing consulting to help busy businesses build an online marketing strategy that actually works. We show you all of the systems and teach you the ins and outs of social media for your business.

Brand Discovery

Get clear on your brand, target audience and the transformation that you offer.

Digital Marketing ABCs

Learn about the latest and greatest tips and tools for growing your social media.

Content Strategy

We give you all of the tools you need to create content that your audience wants to see.

Content Scheduling

Learn our system to schedule content without the stress of what to post next.

Growth Strategy

Leverage your brand and learn how to build an engaged audience & community online.

Social Media Management

Completely outsource your social media so that you can focus on your business. Hand over the reins to us and we will manage your social media for you.

Custom Strategy

We approach every business with fresh eyes and make a strategy that will maximize your results.

Content Creation

We use a variety of content acquisition strategies including photography, unique graphics, & user-generated content.

Monthly Analytics

We will provide you with a monthly analytic report so you can make snap decisions for your business and customers.

Community Engagement

We will engage with your audience and manage comments and responses using your companies voice & tone.

Social Media Management


Which service, consulting or management, is right for my business?

If you want assistance and direction in learning about social media strategy and digital marketing, consulting is the way to go.

If you want to outsource your social media completely, not be involved in the day-to-day posting, but still involved in the overall vision and direction of social media then management is for you.

Are the consulting/coaching sessions customizable?

Absolutely! We approach every consulting session with your specific business goals needs in mind.

We will focus on the areas that you feel your business needs the most assistance with.

I've hired a social media manager before and we weren't satisfied. What makes TBK different?

A lot of social media management companies will post x number of posts for x number of dollars with little emphasis on strategy.

What makes TBK different is our mission to delve into the soul of your business, brand voice, personality etc. along with strategic copy and content. 

We don’t create content just to create content. We create content with a purpose.

What does Social Media Management Cost?

Social media management starts at $1000/mo. depending on the needs of your business for a minimum of 3 months.

Paid in full & monthly options are available.

How much are social media/ digital marketing consulting services?

We customize our consulting packages for each unique business.

What payment do you accept?

We accept payment through Stripe which includes all major credit/debit cards.